Wednesday, October 17, 2012


The weather here is perfect this time of year. It's so perfect that you find yourself gushing over it almost without end. The deep blue beauty of the sky against snow-capped mountains, the hues of dried grasses across the landscape as it passes over hills and into valleys, the brightness of a tree as it holds onto its fragile golden coined leaves. At times, I feel like I'm keeping a great secret. To see this beauty for myself, knowing someone somewhere is missing it.

Earlier, on a trip to buy groceries, I happened upon these beautiful Bosc pears, a seasonal favorite. As they sat there, looking quite elegant, I was immediately inspired to take them home and use them well. Tonight after supper, I made baked oatmeal with roasted pears, using this recipe. After taking the oatmeal from the oven, I brushed the pears with the smokey and sweet Tamarisk honey, which gave it a special touch. It will make a warm breakfast for a chilly morning tomorrow.

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