Thursday, September 27, 2012


With the changing of seasons comes a fresh start. I am finding my way once again in the world of blogging. I'm not sure what form this space will take, but for now I am simply glad to be here.

Earlier in the week, I stopped by an honesty farm stand on the way home from work. I had picked the perfect day to visit. There were bags of local apples and the last of the perfect Colorado peaches. Home again, I set to work on the first apple pie of the season. Autumn has come to stay. I'm convinced these beautiful, blue mountains relish the season as much as I do.


  1. i sure love it here at your new spot...

  2. it will be lovely to visit you here, nicole. colorado peaches are so good. i miss them.

  3. Mmmm! My brother sent me a lovely jam that he made with Colorado peaches and strawberries, fireweed honey, and lemon. So tasty.